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Cats of the Month

Mika and Junior are HART’s July Cats of the Month! Mika has gorgeous Tortie markings and is very friendly and affectionate. She loves to get visitors - she will play with you and get all of the pets and cuddles you can give! Gifted with gorgeous yellow-green eyes that follow your every move, Mika also has an incredible orange-black nose and light whiskers that flutter against your hands every time you bend down to pet her round face. Mika is outgoing, inquisitive and caring, which makes a great combination when it comes to a feline companion.


Mika is bonded to her son Junior, a gorgeous marmalade kitty. A creamsicle with striking orange and white features and the same round eyes as his mom, Junior is more on the quiet side, but is just as loving and sweet. It won’t take long for Junior to open up and treat you to his affectionate headbutts, stare lovingly into your eyes, and snuggle up close to you and purr the night away. When he opens up to you, the rest of the world melts away and the only thing you can see are his transfixing eyes.


Both Mika and Junior have Feline Leukemia (FeLV), a virus that suppresses the immune system and can only be transmitted to cats, so they likely need to be the only kitties in your home. Otherwise, they are healthy, but they often get overlooked because of their FeLV status. As indoor-only kitties, Mika and Junior can live long and happy lives. They’re still waiting for their forever home full of adventure, cuddles and purrs. If you have room in your heart and home for these special kitties, they are going to be an incredible addition to your family- and if you know of someone who can give Mika and Junior all the love they need, pass this article along! Mika and Junior are currently in foster care, a foster home that may become their forever home. As Cats of the Month for July, Mika and Junior’s adoption fees are waived.


HART is a cage-free, no-kill shelter located in lovely downtown Cambria. If Mika and Junior aren’t the cats for you, please consider adopting or fostering another special-needs kitty from our shelter. We love what we do - come on by to meet Mika and Junior and all of our other available cats and kittens at 2638 Main Street in Cambria, or call us at 805-927-7377 with any questions!


HART Open House July 27th

The community and our volunteers and members are invited to celebrate HART as it moves into its 37th year.  There will be an Open House on Saturday, July 27th, during normal shelter hours from noon to 5 pm..  Refreshments will be served and drawings held during this afternoon celebrating our ongoing bond to the animal kingdom.  Current members will enjoy a special drawing of their own.  We hope you will attend!


Paul Yeager Scholarship

Presented to Sara Tiedeman.


The HART. Board of directors unanimously voted to award the $1,000 Paul Yeager Scholarship to long-time volunteer Sara Tiedeman. HART’s Board President, Mike Zarowitz, said that ‘Sara is a living incarnation of HART's mission statement’.


Sara began volunteering at HART when she was 13 years old.  Sara has fostered many dozens of cats and has been instrumental during kitten season.  In addition to the usual duties, Sara has been a care-provider to the cats in our isolation and observation unit, administering medications, and transporting cats to veterinarians.


Sara will soon begin working at the Los Angeles branch of Best Friends Animal Society to assist them and to learn animal rescue management.  She has also applied to U.C. Davis as a pre-vet student.  We thank Sara for all she’s done on behalf of the cats and kittens of HART and wish her all the best of success in her endeavors.


Templeton Rescue

Templeton Fire Department was running a routine training exercise earlier this week when their most adorable rescue yet took place! Templeton firefighters were training 5 new recruits on how to use the "Jaws of Life" to remove a car door when they found two orphan kittens under the passenger seat. The mock car rescue transitioned into what is now being dubbed "Operation Kitten". Brittany, HART's RVT and Foster Coordinator immediately accepted the kittens into HART's Foster Club where they are receiving tons of love and care. The kittens have been named Tofu and Stir-fry and are about 2 weeks old. Here is a link to an article featuring the story.

Please consider donating an item from our Amazon wish list to help us save more kittens like Tofu and Stir-fry.


HART's Gift Shop for Cat Lovers

The gift shop is “Celebrating all things Summer” with our Kliban "Wing Cats" (and his amusing history of the cat).  You will find new bracelets and earrings, specialty books on cats and dogs, plus papers, puzzles and other fun games.  We also have new cat and dog toys and a redesigned canine corner. Don't forget our competitively priced Science Diet kibbles and other necessities like litter boxes, scratchers and cat flaps.  Your purchase at the gift shop goes directly to support the shelter. Many of our items are made by our volunteers.


There will be a discount on shelter logo goods on the day of the open house, July 27th; (caps, bags, mouse pads, mugs, etc.) will be marked down 50% off that day only.

For all of July, all our pet related books and paper goods will be discounted 30%.


The Gift Shop is located at the

HART Shelter, 2638 Main St., Cambria,

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.


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Orphan Kittens Need Foster Homes and Supplies

Our ability to rescue kittens is highly dependent on the amount of foster homes we have available at any given time. Consider becoming a kitten hero, apply now to join our Foster Club. HART will provide all the food, supplies, medical care and support. All you need to provide is a warm home and plenty of TLC! Contact Brittany, HART Foster Coordinator at foster-coordinator@slohart.org with any questions.


HART receives calls, texts and emails about kittens in need everyday throughout kitten season! We have been actively recruiting foster families and our goal is to never have to turn down a kitten in need, but in order to do that we need your help! With your support we can provide our kitten fosters with everything they need to provide life sustaining care to vulnerable kittens as well as items that will help turn them into highly adoptable pets. Please consider donating items from our Amazon wish list to help us with our life-saving efforts. Together we can save them all!



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