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Cat of the Month

Her name is Gabriella, but you can call her Gabby. True to her nickname, this mature 12-year-old female has been blessed with the “gift of gab.” She knows how to communicate her needs effectively and is not afraid to express them. Both smart and extremely affectionate, Gabby epitomizes the lap cat, and even takes it to the next level by welcoming tender hugs from her chosen person. The adoption fee for the cat of the month is discounted by 50%.  An added bonus: Gabby is eligible for the Seniors for Seniors program, which means her adoption fee is waived for senior adopters (62+).


Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!  Adoption Special

Throughout the months of August and September, adopt one kitten and get 75% off the adoption fee for a second kitten. Experience shows that two cats or kittens are better than one. They play together, keep each other company while owners are away and, as a result, are more likely to stay out of trouble. It’s a big plus for the kittens and for their new family.  See a short video from HART's Kitten Room or better yet, visit soon.


The adoption package includes 2 kittens which have been spayed/neutered, are up-to-date on 4-way and Rabies vaccinations, and have been micro-chipped.  Also included is a certificate for a free post-adoption vet wellness exam, a “welcome home” package, a collar and tag.

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HART's Gift Shop for Cat Lovers

The gift shop is featuring “cats in art” for the summer. Books with cats in art through the centuries, framed art and a selection of pictures and shirts (sizes xs to 2xl) with cartoonist B. “Hap” Kliban’s famous tabby cavorting at the beach, on the links, etc. are featured.  You will also find pendants, pins, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, both costume jewelry and fine jewelry, at shelter discounted prices. The Gift Shop is located at the HART Shelter, 2638 Main St., Cambria, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.


New Merchandise

BooksBowl MatsBowlsScratchersKilban ShirtsKilban ShirtsLaurel Burch Bags7 - 7<>

Kitten Season Underway

It’s Spring time, and the 2018 Kitten Season is underway.  This is an incredibly busy and expensive time of the year for HART.  You can help by donating money or kitten supplies to help us prepare for all the little ones.  Visit our Wish List on Amazon to see the type of supplies that can really help. smile.amazon.com


Foster Homes Needed

It's Kitten Season, and HART is suddenly swimming in kittens!  A very important part of caring for the little ones is providing them with a Foster Home.    Foster Homes are a safe place for kittens to grow and be socialized prior to moving to the shelter or their forever home.   Have you ever considered becoming a Foster parent for a cat or kitten or perhaps even a momma cat with kittens?  If so, we hope you will consider fostering for HART.


Prior experience is not required, just the desire and the time to nurture. Our HART Fosters are provided with training and guidance and the cats and kittens are provided with food, litter, medical care, and supplies.   To learn more, click here or call the shelter at 805-927-7377.


Don’t miss some of our upcoming events:

- The Kitten Room will soon be swimming in kittens

- Cambria Pinedorado Parade and Nacho booth Sept. 1-3, 2018

- Guardian Angel Program Cause for Paws Raffle

- Adoption Specials







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