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Cat of the Month

Wispy is a 6 year-old, long-haired light brown tabby. Wispy was brought to HART when her previous owner was no longer able to care for her. Being at HART one year now, Wispy misses having a special person to call her own. Someone to sleep next to at night, to follow around the house, to meow her little “chirps” at…Wispy is eager to bond with her forever family. While Wispy is a loving and sweet-hearted girl, she is a confident feline and isn’t afraid to show attitude. She has been known to swipe at other cats so she may do best in a single cat household. Here at HART, you can always find her lounging in her favorite bed next to the Catio window where she spends her days sunbathing and gazing at birds. Her favorite time of day is socializing with visitors and volunteers. She loves head and chin scratches and will close her eyes and purr as you scratch her favorite spots! She’ll let you know when she’s had enough, but she’s always happy to sit next to you for hours on end – Wispy loves people and isn’t a fan of being alone. Wispy will steal your heart as soon as you put your hands on her fluffy fur and lock eyes with her beautiful green eyes. With such a sweet demeanor and beautiful face who could resist? If you’re ready to open up your heart to a sweet and loyal fur baby, Wispy is here waiting for you.  She will make the perfect addition to your family! Come visit HART Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12 pm to 5 pm and meet her - this gal is a catch!


As Cat of the Month for August, Wispy’s adoption fees are waived. HART is a cage-free, no-kill shelter located in lovely downtown Cambria. We love what we do - come on by to meet Wispy and all of our other available cats and kittens at 2638 Main Street in Cambria, or call us at 805-927-7377 with any questions!


HART 36th Anniversary Open House

Under sunny, breezy skies and comfortable temperatures last Saturday, about 65–70 volunteers, members, neighbors, and tourists attended HART’s first open house in 12 years. Bottle feeding demonstrations in our newly updated Obso rooms were well-attended. Evelyn Zanella, the shelter medical director, dialed up the cute factor with tiny kittens on the feeding end of the bottle.


Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) brought rescued wildlife—including Simon the opossum and Denali the horned owl—for "show and tell,” to the delight of fascinated attendees. This was PWC’s second showing at HART—their demonstrations never fail to entertain.


Located next to the PWC table was SLOBUNS, an organization in SLO dedicated to rescuing rabbits. While there were no live rabbits displayed—the bunny handler brought a toy bunny, however—plenty of interesting literature on Leporidae (rabbits) was available, including the charming children’s book, Bunnicula, a delightful read for young and old alike.


The Tortoise and Turtle Rescue organization displayed empty, yet intriguing, tortoise/turtle shells, as well as occupied ones in all colors and sizes, from tiny Box turtles to a large Sukata tortoise—no live bunny, so no opportunity to test out their racing abilities!


Cat-fancying guests from France, along with leaders of a new shelter in Coalinga, opted to walk through the shelter, guided by Mike Zarowitz and Mary Levkoff. The rest of us enjoyed a virtual tour that showcased recent upgrades to the facility, as well as current, adoptable cats and kittens. The video presentation, composed by our own shelter manager, Kellie Priebe, played periodically in the comfort of the conference room, where beverages and food, including an elaborately decorated, delicious anniversary cake, were available for guests.


HART awarded door prizes on the hour: wine, merchandise, and gift certificates, along with HART logo items, were featured. Two new members and several volunteers signed up, generous donations were received, and, judging from the feedback, a good time was had by all. Special thanks go to Sweet Offerings, The Cookie Crock Market, Melinda Britz, hard-working volunteers, and all the construction crew, including Bud and Ian Tanner and project manager Gary Swauger, for making it all happen.


Clear the Shelters

HART is participating in NBC and Telemundo's nationwide Clear the shelters event on August 17th. Clear the Shelters encourages people to adopt a shelter animal in need. More than 250,000 pets have found their furever home since its inception in 2015. Visit HART from noon to 5pm on Saturday, August 17th to find your new furever friend. The adoption fee for all adult and senior cats will be waived and kittens will be half price! Did you know that when you adopt or foster an animal from a shelter you are actually saving two lives- the animal you are adopting or fostering and the animal who now has a space in the shelter!


Templeton Rescue

Templeton Fire Department was running a routine training exercise earlier this week when their most adorable rescue yet took place! Templeton firefighters were training 5 new recruits on how to use the "Jaws of Life" to remove a car door when they found two orphan kittens under the passenger seat. The mock car rescue transitioned into what is now being dubbed "Operation Kitten". Brittany, HART's RVT and Foster Coordinator immediately accepted the kittens into HART's Foster Club where they are receiving tons of love and care. The kittens have been named Tofu and Stir-fry and are about 2 weeks old. Here is a link to an article featuring the story.

Please consider donating an item from our Amazon wish list to help us save more kittens like Tofu and Stir-fry.


HART's Gift Shop for Cat Lovers

The gift shop is “Celebrating all things Summer” with our Kliban "Wing Cats" (and his amusing history of the cat).  You will find new bracelets and earrings, specialty books on cats and dogs, plus papers, puzzles and other fun games.  We also have new cat and dog toys and a redesigned canine corner. Don't forget our competitively priced Science Diet kibbles and other necessities like litter boxes, scratchers and cat flaps.  Your purchase at the gift shop goes directly to support the shelter. Many of our items are made by our volunteers.


New items for August will include a fresh selection of tee shirts, two story cat condos, fresh batches of variously colored furry mice toys; new cardboard scratchers and other goodies.


The Gift Shop is located at the

HART Shelter, 2638 Main St., Cambria,

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.


Books, bags, toys, supplies!Beds, shirts, artwork....So many unique choicesSo many unique choices8So many unique choices and gift ideas5 - 5<>

Orphan Kittens Need Foster Homes and Supplies

Our ability to rescue kittens is highly dependent on the amount of foster homes we have available at any given time. Consider becoming a kitten hero, apply now to join our Foster Club. HART will provide all the food, supplies, medical care and support. All you need to provide is a warm home and plenty of TLC! Contact Brittany, HART Foster Coordinator at foster-coordinator@slohart.org with any questions.


HART receives calls, texts and emails about kittens in need everyday throughout kitten season! We have been actively recruiting foster families and our goal is to never have to turn down a kitten in need, but in order to do that we need your help! With your support we can provide our kitten fosters with everything they need to provide life sustaining care to vulnerable kittens as well as items that will help turn them into highly adoptable pets. Please consider donating items from our Amazon wish list to help us with our life-saving efforts. Together we can save them all!



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