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Cat of the Month

Simon is HART’s March Cat of the Month.  He is a very handsome boy, who has had some hard knocks in his 6+ years.  Not a lot is known about Simon’s history, but his tipped ear indicates that he started out homeless. He would most likely enjoy a home where he can spend some time outdoors to hunt or just lounge in the sun to warm up his arthritic shoulders. He is a little shy but has made friends at the shelter, both kitty and human. He isn’t a big cuddler but does enjoy occasional lap time.


The adoption fee for Simon is 50% off during his reign as Cat of the Month.  We hope you will come visit Simon at HART real soon.  Click on Adoptions to learn more about adopting a cat or kitten from HART.  View all of the adoptable cats or kittens here .


6th Annual Wines, Pines & Felines Fundraiser

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The Homeless Animal Rescue Team's (HART's) main fundraising event of the year, the 6th annual Wines, Pines and Felines,  is being held on Wednesday, April 4,  2018 from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Come celebrate with us at this fun-filled evening which benefits the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART). The event will be held at the Cambria Pines Lodge.


Tickets are available from February 13th through March 31st at the Cambria Chamber of Commerce office at 767 Main St. (805)927-3624 and the HART shelter at 2638 Main St.  (805)927-7377. Cost is $95.00 per person; tables for 4 or 8 may be requested.


Join us to enjoy hors d'oeuvres, a gourmet dinner and wine.  Your choice of entrées are:  Macadamia Crusted Halibut with a light basil and chardonnay sauce; Prime Rib with garlic and herbs, rosemary au jus and horseradish cream; Vegan stuffed Pepper consisting of a fresh red bell pepper with quinoa, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and cilantro. All come with green salad, rolls and butter and dessert.  There will be Complimentary wine at the bar and a cash bar will be available for other drinks.


Entertainment is by Rick Auricchio and the Jukebox Heroes playing classic Rock 'n' Roll for listening and dancing during the evening. The evening will also feature live and silent auctions along with raffle items: typically these are a selection of food and beverage packages, personal services gift certificates, local accommodations and restaurant meals, art pieces in a variety of media by regional artists and some animal-themed offerings.


Alonzo Update – a Special Needs Kitten

Kitten Alonzo was brought to the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) in Cambria, CA, as a very small kitten, approximately six weeks old.  He was sent for a vet exam, which determined he had a spinal injury which resulted in urinary and bowel incontinence.  He is otherwise a healthy and active kitten.


Please view this short video introducing Alonzo.

We hope that with your help, this video will reach enough people that it will help Alonzo find his perfect forever home.  To learn more about adopting from HART, click here.


Treatment for Alonzo has included physical therapy, exercise, and a series of acupuncture treatments; but there has been no significant improvement. Vet stem cell therapy was also suggested as a possible aid for Alonzo, but up until recently was out of the question for financial reasons.  Several HART volunteers, and Alonzo supporters, have recently donated funds to cover the cost.


The first step of stem cell therapy involves surgically harvesting fat cells from Alonzo.  VetStem then processes the fat to concentrate the stem cells.  Our local veterinarian, will then inject the processed stem cells into Alonzo and will repeat the injection in 10-14 days.  In the 90 days or so following the treatment, it is our hope that we will note improvement in Alonzo’s bladder and bowel control.  Visit our News and Events page regularly or follow us on Facebook for future Alonzo updates.


Volunteers Needed!

HART has an urgent need for volunteers willing to help with “closing” tasks at the shelter.  “Closing” chores include feeding the cats and scooping the litter boxes in the main shelter area.  A team of 2 people can do the job in one hour or less.


If you have time to volunteer – whether it is 1 day a week or even just 1 day a month – it would be very helpful.  You will have fun socializing with the kitties and making their days a little brighter at the shelter, while they wait for their forever homes.   Click Here  to learn about volunteer opportunities and you can also get started by filling out the online volunteer application .  Call the shelter at 805-927-7377 and set up a time to get started!


HART's Gift Shop for Cat Lovers

There is new merchandise on display for the cat (and dog) lovers in your life.  New items include Laurel Burch and Life is Good t-shirts, plus a few others, so come in and take a look.  Try out some of our new cat toys on your special kitty.  Be the first to have a new DaVinci cat watch.  Check out our fluffy stuffed dogs and cats.  New Easter merchandise will include some knitted chickens and other fun holiday items, like mini purses, zippered pouches and adorable tea towels.

The Gift Shop is located at the HART Shelter, 2638 Main St., Cambria, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.

New Merchandise

Handmade Cat PurseWhimsical smile makers Cat WatchesStuffed Dogs & CatsAnimal Lover Theme T-ShirtsFun T-shirt designs4 - 6<>


A new way to help HART at tax time

Help yourself and HART by having your tax return prepared by H&R Block.  HART will receive $20 for each new client referred to H&R Block.  Please use Referral Code #40010001097730, or print the referral card below for your convenience. Click on coupon for print size.


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• Annual Wines, Pines and Felines dinner and auction - April 4, 2018  from 4:30-8:30



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