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Cat of the Month

Trixie is a quiet beauty, except when loudly purring.  She gets along well with other cats but would also be happy as the queen of your castle. She is usually shy at first, but once she warms up to you she will be a wonderful companion. 


Trixie is almost 8 years old and probably due to her initial shyness has been living at HART most of her life.  Please visit her and give her a chance to get to know you.  She is ready for her forever home.


The adoption fee for the cat of the month is discounted by 50%.  Seniors (62+) plus are eligible to have the adoption fee waived as part of our Seniors for Seniors adoption program.


Exciting upgrades to the HART shelter

In May, 2018, HART's shelter had two great upgrades made, thanks to generous donors, and hard-working volunteers.  The largest room in the shelter, called the Patio room, now has a beautiful new floor.  And, the room now has a step through to an outdoor Catio area, where the cats can enjoy the sun and safely experience some outdoor time.  Many thanks to all who were involved in these upgrades!


6th Annual Wines, Pines and Felines Fundraiser

The 6th Annual Wines, Pines and Felines event was held at the Cambria Pines Lodge on April 4th.  There were 100 guests in attendance, including local veterinarians.  Prime Rib, macadamia-nut crusted halibut and quinoa with peppers were the entree choices enjoyed by attendees, along with a variety of included wines and followed by apple pie.  Music for listening and dancing was performed throughout the evening by local Rock'n Rollers "Jukebox Heroes".  Auctions and raffle prizes included travel to Oregon, as well as certificates for a variety of local services, restaurants and wineries.  The event helped raise over $12,000.00 for HART during the fun-filled evening. Many thanks to the underwriters, wine and prize donors and the volunteers who made the evening possible.

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Many thanks to the businesses and individuals whose support made possible the 6th annual Wines, Pines and Felines fundraiser held on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.


HART's Gift Shop for Cat Lovers

New merchandise this month includes a large selection of new jewelry for both cat and dog lovers.  There are pendants, pins, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.  You will find both costume jewelry and fine jewelry, at shelter discounted prices.  These are great pieces to enjoy yourself or to give for special occasions.


The Gift Shop is located at the HART Shelter, 2638 Main St., Cambria, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12-5pm.


New Merchandise

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Kitten Season Underway

It’s Spring time, and the 2018 Kitten Season is underway.  This is an incredibly busy and expensive time of the year for HART.  You can help by donating money or kitten supplies to help us prepare for all the little ones.  Visit our Wish List on Amazon to see the type of supplies that can really help. smile.amazon.com


Foster Homes Needed

It's Kitten Season, and HART is suddenly swimming in kittens!  A very important part of caring for the little ones is providing them with a Foster Home.    Foster Homes are a safe place for kittens to grow and be socialized prior to moving to the shelter or their forever home.   Have you ever considered becoming a Foster parent for a cat or kitten or perhaps even a momma cat with kittens?  If so, we hope you will consider fostering for HART.


Prior experience is not required, just the desire and the time to nurture. Our HART Fosters are provided with training and guidance and the cats and kittens are provided with food, litter, medical care, and supplies.   To learn more, click here or call the shelter at 805-927-7377.


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• The Kitten Room will soon be swimming in kittens

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